It all began when...

A bit flour, a pat of butter, and a little time in the oven, Angela's Sunday morning baking evolved into a communal offering. Wholesale pastries grew to a farmer's market bakery which graduated into a catering business. The business put down roots as a pizza bistro which adopted a creamery and matured into a trattoria. The organic process has allowed Ethos to connect with a diversity local patrons and to reacquaint the community with its own offerings. 


Let us introduce ourselves

Angela Kora  | owner + bakery manager

Education - BS in Mechanical Engineering from University of Arkansas (woo pig sooie!)

Work Soundtrack - NPR

Life Outside of Ethos - "It exists?"

Scot Newell | owner + marketing manager

Education - 3rd Generation Richland Bomber + School of Hard Knocks

Work Soundtrack - BBC World Service 

Life Outside of Ethos - Hanging out with Angela and our dog, Colmar

We are proud to partner with local growers and providers to offer Ethos’ best.

Pure Eire Dairy 
Othello, WA
grass-fed dairy

Stumptown Coffee
Portland, OR
coffee roasted daily

Two Sisters Honey 
Kennewick, WA
honey, beer, beeswax

Waitsburg Cellars
Waitsburg, WA

Barnard Griffin Winery
Richland, WA

Fidelitas Winery
Richland, WA

Hayshaker Farms 
Walla Walla, WA
horse-powered produce

French Creek Vineyard
Richland, WA

Fresh Picks
Kennewick, WA
freshest fruit, produce, jam, jellies

Lovejoy Farms 
Eltopia, WA
herbs, cereal grains, grasses, millets

Like to know more? Have a thought to share?

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