A bit flour, a pat of butter, and a little time in the oven, Angela's Sunday morning baking evolved into a communal offering. Wholesale pastries grew to a farmer's market bakery which graduated into a catering business. The business put down roots as a pizza bistro which adopted a creamery and matured into a trattoria. The organic process has allowed Ethos to connect with a diversity local patrons and to reacquaint the community with its own offerings. 

We are proud to partner with local growers and providers to offer Ethos’ best.

Graf Blueberry Farm
Grandview, WA

County Line Strawberries
Prosser, WA

Flatau Farm
Basin City, WA

Mahler Ridge Farm
Eltopia, WA

Bautista Farms
Mabton, WA

Miranda’s Flowers
Pasco, WA

Kim & Dave Neff
Palouse, WA

Hayshaker Farms
Walla Walla, WA

Farm Everything
Finely, WA

Schreiber & Sons
Eltopia, WA

Palouse Heritage Grains
Palouse, WA

Garrett Moon Farms
Prosser, WA

Love Joy Farms
Eltopia, WA

K & C Farms
Mattawa, WA

Queensgate Gardens
Richland, WA

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